SIMKA at Kervo konstmuseum SINKKA.

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5.2.–30.4.2022, Art and Museum Centre Sinkka

Andy Best & Merja Puustinen | Grönlund & Nisunen | Hamm & Kamanger | Lea & Pekka Kantonen | Linda & Aura | nabbteeri | Rainio & Roberts | SIMKA

Over the years, making art has become an even more of a two-way process than before. Occasionally, the audience gets to complete the artwork by, for example, throwing darts. At other times, the artist shares the joy and pain of creating with another artist. This exhibition presents eight artist couples who have been working together for a long time and who have claimed their place on the contemporary art field while simultaneously establishing working together as part of the contemporary art canon.

Many painters and sculptors use other artists as their assistants or, for example, professionals for casting. However, the traditional methods of making art do not easily convert into tools needed in equal teamwork. Instead, when you work together, you can build artificial lunar eclipses, labyrinths, bird videos, girl performances and the entire main room of a home in Mäntsälä with views of the forest.

Working together is an endurance sport. Some of the exhibition’s artists started collaborating already in the 1980s. Some of the artists are just co-workers, while some also live together. The Finnish-Swedish SIMKA (Simon Häggblom, Karin Lind) and nabbteeri (Janne Nabb, Maria Teeri), who participated in the Venice Biennale 2019, work under a pseudonym composed of the artists’ names, highlighting the idea that working together creates something bigger than the individuals.

The exhibition was put together by Doctor of Philosophy Maria Hirvi-Ijäs, whose book Taidetta kaksin is published together with the exhibition (Parvs).

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