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A center for sculptural woodwork on the southeastern shores of Öland.
We have initiated a national workshop on the island of Öland during the summer of 2022 from May 29 to
June 5. The workshop participants have been selected for invitation in view of their diverse capacities and
shifting backgrounds. Artists, sculptors and architects who, during the span of one week, will inspire each
other and together build new insights on various aspects of wood media public art and wood as a
sustainable material for monumental artworks. A craft/art laboratory within the field of contemporary
sculptural woodwork will develop where unique works will be created. The workshop results will be
featured in an exhibition on the workshop site, Näsby Nav.
This is the first workshop project in our endeavors to create an arena for international collaboration, skills-
sharing and development. Our long-term vision, resembling Nordiska Akvarellsällskapets, who after only
eleven years realized their vision in Nordisk Akvarellmuseet in Skärhamn, Tjörn.

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