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STEGEN / The Steps

Sketch proposal for the municipality of Västervik, Sweden 2016. In production to be finished in may 2018.

The site is outside the ruins of old fort Stegeholm in a central park of the city.

The history and sculpture. The sculpture "Stegen" creates a local characteristic reminiscent of Slottsholmens boatyard and the history of the castle - later the ruin. The location was vital and dynamic with various representatives and ambitions. From the beginning a protection for the city of Gamleby, which later moved to Västervik. Sometimes the people searched for Västervik and sometimes they wanted to seek shelter elsewhere. The castle gentlemen and the people sometimes had different wills. We express an expression of people's patience and deprivation. The stage illuminates several angles in history as protection, fighting and reconstruction at the site Stegeholm.

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